Great Divide video and other news

On 25 March 2012 more than 80 of you took to your bikes and rode Barnet’s Great Divide Ride. Two Barnet councillors wrote to us with their support for the GDR and Green candidate AM Poppy came along on the day. It was a sunny day, it was enjoyable, a picnic lunch was had.

We took in all the borough’s road crossings of the North Circular Road. Fully marshalled by an expert team, we were ushered though some hellish intersections in a glass jar of safety. This was a ride that even small children could and did enjoy, which is a stark contrast to what these roads are like to ride ordinarily.

Our picnic spot was unusual. Perched high in the centre Staples Corner the noise of motor vehicles was calmed enough for us to enjoy our lunch, but close enough to act as a reminder of the challenge we face.

Now for my confession… Even though I count myself as a highly able and super confident city cyclist, there is a huge section of the A406 I would simply avoid: from the A5 to Brent Cross. To do this though, you have to swing out very wide. It’s just not practical. The off-road and cycle path options to traverse are so limited, hidden and circuitous that I doubt most know of their existence or would find them useful. It would be interesting to hear what participants thought of the route and junctions. Please comment below or email us.

I know we’ve said this before, but thanks to our marshals, feeder ride leaders and everyone who helped.

What next? If you haven’t done so already, we urge you to sign the LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch petition and to join the LCC’s Big Ride on 28 April. This is a traffic-free, family-friendly ride. Details on

And what about Barnet? We have a few ideas. Our next campaign meeting is 8PM Tues 17 April, at The Elephant, North Finchley We’ll need to organise feeder rides to the Big Ride and decide on our next campaign.

What can you do now?

Flag up individual junctions of the A406 as hazardous on The Times website:

Write to your councillors about cycling provision on any/all of junctions of the A406:

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