Barnet to Go Dutch?

We are thrilled to be able to say that Barnet is expressing a serious interest in the Mayor’s “Little Holland” scheme. This new initiative aims to produce a “Dutch” (or Dutchesque at least) cycling environment, in selected outer London centers and will attract £33 Million pounds of funding. More detail will be posted here as this all unfolds.

We have seen the draft proposal and, despite some reservations, are looking forward to working with the council as this goes forward. Below is the text of the letter we have sent them supporting their bid.

There is much to do in the coming months and if you ever felt the need to help us with a few of your spare waking hours, now would be a good time. Please get in touch:



Barnet LCC thanks the Mayor of London for creating political conditions that have prioritized cycling as a mode of transport. We welcome Barnet Council’s initiative to respond to this new environment by submitting an Expression of Interest to participate in the mini-Holland scheme.

Whilst we have not yet had the time to fully study and discuss with Barnet Council their initial ideas, we particularly welcome the bolder proposals such as the plans to regenerate Edgware Town Centre and to link Edgware and North Finchley with high quality connections to the Cycle Superhighway network.

We urge Transport for London to ensure that adequate funds and expertise are provided so that the proposed main road routes meet the highest international standards. In particular, and in recognition of Boris Johnson’s election pledge at the London Jewish Forum hustings in April 2012 to bring the Superhighways into Barnet, we expect to see:

* Continuous, high quality and high-capacity extensions of both Superhighways CS11 and CS12 to a regenerated Tally Ho Corner along the historic A598 and A1000, including safe, direct and convenient crossings of the A406.

* Continuous, high quality and high-capacity extension of Superhighway CS11 along the A41 or via Hendon to a regenerated Edgware town centre, including a safe, direct and convenient crossing of the A406.

* Intervention at the Staples Corner M1 Interchange (part of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration zone) to provide safe, direct and convenient passage along the A5.

* All such provision for cycling to be of a standard that is safe and convenient for all abilities without penalizing (through delay) cyclists for not choosing to ride with motor traffic.

We look forward to working with both the London Borough of Barnet and Transport for London in coming up with fully detailed plans to deliver a world-class cycling experience in Barnet.

Yours faithfully,

Barnet LCC

  1. Neither the A1000 nor the A598 are trunk roads.

  2. Gillian Goddard

    I was sent this response from Barnet Council (Jane Shipman) by Phil Fletcher which also described their interest in going Dutch. Gillian Goddard

    1) How much money was spent on cycling in 2011/2012 and 2012/2013? 1) 2011/12 50,000 was spent on cycle training grants to schools. Some small scale work was also included as part of wider schemes. 2012/13 Costs recorded in year were around 164k but we are still finalising details for 2012/13 schemes and I expect final costs to be higher. Work includes cycle training and other cycling grants to schools, development of off-road cycle facilities between Dollis Road and Fursby Avenue , cycle parking, development and preparatory work for a quiet road cycle route CricklewoodGolders GreenFinchley, improvements to Sanders Lane in Mill Hill East. Note: there may have been other non-transport related cycle spend of which I am unaware. 2) How many cycle stands were installed in these periods, and are being planned for 2013-2014? 2) 2011/12 Cycle stands: 8 on street spaces and 4 off street spaces were provided in parks. 110 additional spaces were provided through the London Mayors school cycle programme. 2012/13 84 on street spaces (i.e. 42 Sheffield stands) have been installed. I am awaiting confirmation about whether this is the final figure. Note: again there may have been non-transport related provision of which I am unaware. 2013/14 We expect to install more stands this year though there arent definite locations yet. We have a number of Barnet High Street locations to look at – if you have any other specific suggestions for on-street locations to consider please let me know. 3) Are any “Boris Style superhighways” or any other cycle lanes or tracks being planned for the Barnet area? 3) The Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route CS11 is currently shown as running from Central London to the southern tip of the borough. Working with TfL we had agreed in principle that this be extended to Golders Green. As you probably know the London Mayor launched a cycle vision programme earlier this year that seeks to deliver a step change in cycle provision. This is supported by substantial investment through TfLs business plan however as part of this I understand that Cycle Superhighway routes are being reviewed and some may change. As part of the cycle vision work boroughs have been invited to submit expressions of interest for funding for mini-Hollands transformational schemes in Outer London of which between 1 and 4 will be successful. We expect to submit an expression of interest for this. Other routes and proposals are also likely to be delivered through the cycle vision funding, although details havent been developed yet. Off-road cycle facilities in parallel to the existing on road routes between Dollis Road and Fursby Avenue and quiet on road routes from Cricklewood to east/north Finchley via Golders Green are being developed from the boroughs Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding allocation. Improvements in the west of the borough on a route following the Silkstream and a pedestrian/cycle bridge at West Hendon are also planned and the major regeneration projects in the west of the borough are expected to deliver improved routes there. 4) Are there any plans to make crossing Barnet Lane (near the Table Tennis Club) and Totteridge Lane (where the cycle track ends) safer for cyclists and pedestrians? 4) There are no firm plans to change the crossing arrangements of Barnet Lane near the Table Tennis Club or at Totteridge Lane, however in conjunction with the regeneration of the Dollis Valley Estate developer contributions have been sought to improve cycle routes in that area (i.e. near Barnet Lane ). As well as the point where the London Loop and Dollis Valley Greenwalk cross Barnet Lane , near the table tennis club, there is also a signalised pedestrian crossing on the line of the (dis-continuous) cycle route a short distance to the north. Both these routes are locations where improvements might be made through this or complementary LIP (or other) funding but no detailed plans have been made. Jane Shipman Senior Engineer, Traffic and Development Development & Regulatory Services (DRS) London Borough of Barnet, North London Business Park , Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP Tel: 020 8359 7226

    Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 18:18:39 +0000 To:

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